LuckyKids, reflected through photos over the years!

Here you can see some of the children’s daily activities during the camp. The photos show selected moments of camp activities over the years, from its creation to the present day.

Along with the daily English lessons, kids have fun with:

  • iconcycling,
  • iconhorseback riding
  • iconpicnics in the mountains
  • iconmountain hikes
  • iconpaintball
  • icondaily excursions
  • iconcooking lessons
  • iconkite throwing
  • iconrugby
  • iconsoccer
  • iconплуване
  • iconyoga
  • icondancing
  • icondrawing
  • iconkaraoke entertainment
  • iconrole-playing
  • iconand many other activities

Pictures over the years


Luckykids Gallery 20182018 LuckyKids 69LuckyKids
Luckykids Gallery2017 LuckyKids 62
Luckykids Gallery2016 LuckyKids 33
Luckykids Gallery2015 LuckyKids 52
Luckykids Gallery2014 LuckyKids Winter 14
Luckykids Gallery2014 LuckyKids Summer 57
Luckykids Gallery2013 LuckyKids 67
Luckykids Gallery2012 LuckyKids 80

Lucky Bansko SPA & Relax

Luckykids GalleryLucky Bansko
SPA & Relax10