The sweetest thrill in the world – your child to get excited about something he is doing for the first time, and you to experience the excitement with him. In addition to emotions, each such experience has an organizational side. The honor to perform them falls mainly on the parent, and he can judge howПовечеMoreБолееMai mult

This issue is extremely important. When is the best time for a child to learn a language? Winter or summer? At LuckyKids International Camp we have experience with both periods and we can share it with you. We started the summer language camp in 2012, and in the 2013 and 2014 seasons we held one-weekПовечеMoreБолееMai mult

Reading, speaking and writing in any language are the practical manifestations of three of the four main components of the language. Or these practical activities help to develop not only the basic knowledge of a language, but also its overall acquisition. To understand the practical activities, we must first get acquainted with the basic concepts.ПовечеMoreБолееMai mult

The process of reading itself is decoding written characters (letters) and the perception of the meaning and significance embedded in the combination of these characters (text). Reading skills are acquired through practice at school and at home. When we talk about reading in a foreign language, it is good to first look at the realПовечеMoreБолееMai mult

At LuckyKids International Summer Camp we create an artificial English language environment for children so that they can practice the language. Logically, our first advice to parents will be directed in this direction. Practicing the language is extremely important. For this reason, any opportunity that the child can receive as a workshop is beneficial. We startПовечеMoreБолееMai mult