How can I enroll my child in the camp?

You can enroll your child in the camp on-line via our registration form, via e-mail, or by making an enquiry in our office in Sofia.

To reserve a spot for particular dates, you  need to fill in and send back a questionnaire (via e-mail, fax, courier, or in person in our office), as well as a payment should be done not later than 7 days prior to the  beginning of the camp.

Where and when do the LuckyKids vans/busses leave and arrive at the camp Sofia – Bansko – Sofia?

The minibuses depart for the camp at Bansko from Sofia every Sunday at 9:30 am, from the parking lot in front of Vasil Levski Stadium.

The mini-buses travelling between Bansko and Sofia arrive each Saturday at 05:00 PM, at the parking zone in front of Vassil Levski Stadium.

If a large group needs to be transported, it is possible to travel with a bus and not a van, for which
you will be informed on time.

If I need, when and how can I book a transfer for my child, or cancel a transfer?

• To book a transfer, you should tick the respective field in the questionnaire at the camp.
• Booking changes can be made in a written form, by email or by a phone call to the Camp Manager, not later than 2 days before departure.
• In emergency situations, you can contact us on the phone numbers provided.

How do you separate the kids into the English classes?

The initial separation is conducted in accordance with the information the parents have already given in the questionnaire.

Upon arrival in the hotel, kids are given an entry test. After the final estimation and English coordinator`s recommendations, a child could be reallocated into a class with a higher or lower level of English.
In rare occasions, the level could be once again changed during the camp as a result of the kid`s abilities to comprehend the studying materials.
Children who cannot read, or write English are in the lowest level of education regardless of
their language skills.

Is my child still taking part in the swimming activities if he/she cannot swim?

Children who cannot swim could still play in the swimming pool if they have put the safety equipment on- water wings, safety water vest, etc..

The pool is 164cm deep in one part, and 168cm in other, and is also provided with a seating part along its full length, which allows even the youngest kids to feel safe and comfortable in the water.
Nevertheless, we kindly ask all parents to be honest about their kid`s swimming abilities when filling in the initial questionnaire.

In specific cases, when a serious reason prevents the kid from taking part in the swimming, parents must inform the managing staff so that the necessary precautions could be taken.

My kid is a vegetarian – do you have a special menu?

Children who are following a special diet are provided with the food suitable for it.

We absolutely ask all parents to point out in the questionnaire the type of food their kids could have, so that we be prepared.

We could meet even the most fastidious requirements on food- vegetarian, vegan, kids with lactose
intolerance or allergy.

The most important thing, however, is to be informed accurately.

Who is taking care of the children after they have gone to bed?

On each floor with accommodated campers, there is a room with teachers or counselors who are
responsible for them.

Both teachers and counselors constantly supervise kids` rooms till everyone is asleep.

All children are informed about teachers` rooms, and in case of need, could ask for their assistance any time.

In case of emergency, kids are also able to call reception.

Kids with sleeping issues are taken special care of.

How often do you do the laundry?

All kids who are staying for 14 or 21 days are having their laundry done. Clothes are taken on a Thursday and are given back on Friday in special laundry bags.

If necessary, laundry could be provided outside the scheduled time.

We have forgotten to put in the luggage an important item- what do we do?

You have the following options: you could either send it to the hotel via courier, or you could give us the permission to buy it.

For further information you can contact the managing staff.

Can my child take part in the camp if he/she does not speak English?

Any kid has their special place in the camp! Kids who do not speak English are struggling with a language barrier the first 2-3 days.

So far, all campers have been able to adapt to the camp for this period. Nevertheless, if a kid has no knowledge of English, parents should work together with the LuckyKids team in order to overcome that challenge.

What responsibilities do the kids` companions have?

If a kid is accompanied by an adult, the later has an assisting role which implies encouraging kid`s adaptation to the camp, no matter age.

For the sake of this, each companion is handed in the camp programme, as well as instructions upon arrival.

The accompanying adults assist in the cases when a child has special needs, or when is too young for which follows an individual shortened programme (kids for 5 to 6,99 y. o. for which the regular program is too busy).

The companions do not travel with the kids during the outdoor activities.

In certain cases, however, that would be possible as long as it has been discussed with the managing staff.

My kid is afraid of the dark- how will he/she fall asleep?

We make sure that all kids do have night tables with a lamp on in their rooms, or in the hall.

Both counselors and teachers supervise the kids and help them feel safe and calm till falling asleep.

We want to stay for the second week, is that possible?

If a child has been enrolled in the first week, he/she could stay for the second week as well.
However, this needs to be confirmed not later than Wednesday on the current week.

Unless done, we cannot guarantee that they would be a place for the following one. Firstly, a written
confirmation is required, after which we will send you an invoice.

My child has to take medicine regularly. How can we control that?

It is not recommended taking medicine during the camp unless that is prescribed by a doctor and it is not related to contagious and infectious conditions.

In those cases, parents need to prepare the medicines along with a schedule for their intake, and hand it in to the managing staff of the camp.

Under no circumstances are kids allowed to keep in medicines in their rooms. All medicaments are
kept in a medicine shelf in the office of the camp.

What time period do you have in mind for the list with recommended equipment for the children?

The recommended clothes and quantities concern a period of 14 days. You should take into account that we provide laundry services for the children’s clothes in day 7.

For a 7-day stay, you can reduce the number of some clothes, as you deem necessary, but not the number of underwear and outerwear items.

At the camp, we provide 3 additional T-shirts, 2 hats, and a bottle for water.

Towels, slippers and gowns are provided by the hotel

We are providing our own transport to the hotel. What time should we be in the hotel?

All kids arriving with personal transport are expected in the lobby bar of the hotel at Sunday, 12:30 PM.
A member of the LuckyKids camp will meet your kid for the upcoming shift.

What time and where should we wait for our kid when the camp is over?

The arrival takes the same place- Vasil Levski Stadium, on a Friday at 17:30 PM.
If a large group needs to be transported, it is possible to travel with a bus and not a van for which
you will be informed on time.

What is the procedure if my kid does not adjust to the camp`s conditions?

It is rarely for a kid not to adjust.

Nevertheless, if a case like that occurs, the parents and the managing staff altogether take the decision for further actions.

Two options are given: the child goes back home (with personal or organised from the hotel transport),
or an adult close to the kid may join the camp to assist its adaptations. For further information, you could consult the camp manager.

Can I call my kid any time?

Kids are allowed to have their phones between 20:30-22:00 PM. The rest of the time parents could contact the managing staff and receive information about their children.
All phones are kept by the camp staff and kids cannot use them outside the scheduled time.

Can my kid take his/her tablet in the camp?

It is not recommended bringing any electronic devices during the camp. If a child has a tablet, or a computer, it is taken by the camp staff and given back upon leaving the camp.
Any devices like iPods, MP3/4s, cameras, could be kept by the children. However, the camp staff takes no responsibilities in cases of broken or damaged property of the kind.

From June 20 to September 5
Daily activities in the mountains
Teachers with native English
4 hours of interactive English language instruction

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