Intelligent management and conflict resolution among campers:

  • Self-respect, respect towards one another and care for facilities are the main values at LuckyKids International Children’s Language Camp.
  • The camp team utilizes appropriate methods to resolve minor conflicts between campers, according to the situation. As always, the resolution begins with listening carefully to all sides involved in the conflict.
  • If disciplinary action is required, then it will be proportional to the offence.
  • The disciplinary action applied includes mandatory correction of the mistake and its aftermath; sometimes the disciplinary action is to deprive a camper of a privilege such as participation in certain activities.
  • If the camp manager decides that the child’s behaviour violates camp policy and is of a serious nature, she can expel him/her from English language camp LuckyKids, upon which the child will be sent back home to his/her parents.
  • In case of an offence in which the guilty party remains unidentified, collective punishment will not be imposed, but it may cause temporary changes in the camp rules.


Camp Team Code of Conduct:

  • Alcohol consumption and smoking are forbidden during work hours, in the presence of children and on the premises of the hotel where the language camp activities take place.
  • The members of the camp team are expected to be tolerant and without any political, ideological or religious prejudices which may harm campers.


Control, supervision and analyses:

  • Daily observation and written reports by the camp manager serve as methods of supervision of the activities of LuckyKids International Children’s Language Camp.
  • The Camp manager will act immediately and take all necessary precautions when problems arise or the camp team reports incidents.
  • All incidents are investigated and analyzed thoroughly in order to improve future camp sessions.
  • The parents of the campers at English camp LuckyKids, as well as the teachers, animators and the hotel staff will be asked to fill out evaluation forms and to share their opinions regarding the camp.
  • The evaluations will be analyzed thoroughly in order to improve our methods after every season.


Easy communication with parents:

  • The manager of the language holiday guarantees that every child has the opportunity to communicate with his/her family on the phone.
  • Children are allowed to use their phones every evening between 20:30h and 22:00h.
  • They can only be used during these hours (that normally excludes classes, visits, dining, games and evening activities).
  • When necessary, the phones may be kept by the camp team during the rest of the time.
  • Every child can ask for his/her phone to contact his/her parents, when necessary.
  • If these rules are disregarded, the telephone may be confiscated for a limited period of time.
  • Parents will be provided with a telephone number with which to contact the camp manager day and night.

Alcohol, cigarettes and forbidden substances:

  • The use of alcohol, cigarettes, drugs and other such substances is strictly forbidden on campgrounds and during LuckyKids Children’s Camp.
  • The camp team will prevent the children from visiting places of entertainment that allow the consumption of alcohol and cigarettes.
  • The children’s language holiday programme is age appropriate and fully supervised. All the activities are conducted in healthy surroundings and safe locations, far away from areas with alcohol and cigarettes use.
  • Smoking is absolutely forbidden at Apart Hotel Lucky Bansko, including all of the areas used by campers.
  • The language camp team will fully monitor and restrict access to the hotel bar.
  • Illegal substances as well as drugs are strictly forbidden.

Should a camper be found in possession of cigarettes, alcohol, or illegal substances, the camp manager may terminate his/her stay at the camp, as well as contact the authorities.

From June 20 to September 5
Daily activities in the mountains
Teachers with native English
4 hours of interactive English language instruction

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